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Some International Review Quotes on CD


Blues Blast Magazine (USA) : What the listener is left with is a kickass blues-rock tempered cd with blues and R&B. Their is much to recommend this CD from the highly imaginative guitar 

and organ playing to the lyrics and blues-rock attitude

The Blues Matters (UK) : "This album is pure class all the way and should take

the band into a higher level,go get a copy!!! "

Blues in Britain (UK) : "i have no favourite track , they're all great!!! "

Blues News (DE) : "Great songwriting and Amazing Band!!! "

Bluebird reviews (UK): " It's the album that defines The Bluesbones 

as one of the finest music realities around.

BluesMagazine (NL) : “Best album i’ve heard this year…”

Rocktimes (DE) “ high class, amazing CD “

Blues Online (PL) : "Promotors book them , you and the audience will be happy "

Il Popolo Del Blues (IT) : "A masterpiece for Blues fans"

Rock The Best Music. com (ESP) : "one of the most impressive blues record of the Year"

Rootstime (BE) : "a stunning album of international Class"

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